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Single-Use Volar Distal Radius Plating System


Product Information

The D-RAD SMART PACK System was designed to treat the most commonly plated extra-articular and intra-articular distal radius fractures. The system contains (a) four different single-use kits and (b) a tray with sterile fasteners and single-use plate templates to assist with kit selection.

4-Hole Volar Plate

  • Anatomically contoured to respect the watershed line while providing reconstructive articular support
  • VLP locking technology enables the use of Cortex Screw, Locking Screws or Locking Pegs within a 30 degree cone
  • 1.4mm K-wire holes for distal plate positioning
  • Slotted 1.4mm K-wire hole or slotted screw hole to allow for proximal/distal plate adjustments
  • 1.4mm K-wire hole to enable centering of the plate on the diaphysis

Standard and wide options accommodate varying patient anatomy


  • 2.4mm Cortex Screws
  • 2.4mm Variable Angle Locking Screws
  • 1.8mm Variable Angle Locking Pegs for bicortical support of the metaphysis while minimizing dorsal soft tissue irritation

Predetermined screw angles with Fixed Angle Drill Guide or lock within a 30 degree cone with Variable Angle Drill Guide.

Indications of the D-RAD SMART PACK System

The D-RAD SMART PACK Single-Use Volar Distal Radius Plating System is indicated for the fixation of fractures involving the distal radius.


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