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FAST-FIX FLEX enables all-zone all-inside meniscal repair to treat tears previously not accessible*2-4

+Enhanced Accessibility

FAST-FIX FLEX provides access to the posterior zone as well as the mid-body and anterior third of the meniscus, which has been shown to account for more than 40% of meniscal tears in stable adult knees2,3,5

+Preserve Anatomy

~25% smaller needle insertion area and a ~20% stronger repair*^8,12

+Increase Reliability*2-4

One-handed 360° active deployment confirmed through touch, sound and sight2

NOTE: Bend tool does not provide measurement. Maximum bend degree was established by benchtop testing.
*Compared to predicate device as demonstrated in biomechanical testing

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Reference #   Description
72205324      FAST-FIX FLEX Curved with Bend Tool and Slotted Cannula
72205325      FAST-FIX FLEX Reverse Curved with Bend Tool and Slotted                                      Cannula
CTX-C001     NOVOCUT Suture Manager