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VERILAST Technology for Hips

VERILAST Technology for Hips

Product Information

VERILAST Technology for hips is now offering patients new levels of both wear performance and durability.  VERILAST Technology combines two advanced, wear-reducing materials:  Smith & Nephew’s award-winning OXINIUM Oxidized Zirconium, a ceramicised metal alloy, and a “cross- linked” plastic component (XLPE).  The combination of the two; the ceramicised metal ball (femoral head) and the XLPE liner make up VERILAST Technology for hips. 

OXINIUM is a metal alloy (made primarily of zirconium) that undergoes a heating process that transforms the surface into a hard, smooth ceramic - while retaining all of the durability of the underlying metal.

XLPE is created by altering chemical bonds in the polyethylene to create a tighter weave at the molecular level, thus reducing the amount of wear experienced when the metal component rubs against it. You could think of it as fabric with a higher thread count.

VERILAST Hips ANJR 2017 Summary

Hip replacement implants

Total hip replacement implants are designed to help a patient get back as close as possible to the healthy, active lifestyle before hip pain limited the mobility.  Almost all hip replacement implants have consisted of a three-part system:

  • A hip stem, usually made from a biocompatible metal such as titanium, which is implanted down the shaft of the femur;
  • A femoral head, made from either metal or ceramic, which sits on top of the hip stem and replaces the “ball” portion of the hip’s  “ball and socket” design
  • A hemispherical component made up of a metal shell and either a ceramic or plastic liner, which replaces the “socket” in which the femoral head sits.

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