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Biobrane^ Technology

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Biobrane reduces patient pain and decreases healing time


The biosynthetic membrane
Biobrane is a biosynthetic wound dressing constructed of a silicone film with a nylon fabric partially embedded into the film. The fabric presents to the wound bed a complex 3-D structure of a trifilament thread to which collagen has been chemically bound. Blood/sera clot in the nylon matrix, thereby firmly adhering the dressing to the wound until epithelialisation occurs.


Biobrane-L is a less complex nylon fabric for use when less aggressive adherence is required. The lower weight monofilament thread utilised in Biobrane L presents a shallow, less complex matrix to the wound bed, thereby reducing the degree of clot integration and adherence.




Biobrane Bilayer Skin Substitute

(wound adherence and healing effect)


Biobrane - how it works


  1. Wound closed: protected
  2. Optimum healing environment
  3. Rapid reepithelialization along inner membrane



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