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Intrasite* Indications



Intrasite Gel is suitable for use on a range of wound types click on the links below



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  • Gently and effectively rehydrates and debrides necrotic tissue.
  • Promotes natural autolytic process.
  • Promotes desloughing and absorption of excess exudates, bacteria and toxins.
  • Effective as a debriding agent in burns.

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  • Gently and effectively rehydrates and absorbs sloughy tissue.
  • Maintains integrity of fragile granulating tissue
  • Promotes rapid proteolysis.



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  • Encourages fast, trouble-free moist wound healing.
  • Fragile granulating tissue is kept moist.
  • Minimises wound management time





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  • Non-aggressive action leaves granulating tissue undisturbed.
  • Allows migration of epithelialising cells.
  • Non-Adherent - reduces patient trauma during dressing changes.




Autolytic Debridement
Autolytic debridement is a process, which to some extent, occurs naturally in all wounds. Phagocytic cells (such as macrophages) and proteolytic enzymes in the wound bed liquefy and separate necrotic tissue and eschar from healthy tissue. Wound dressings, such as Intrasite Gel, that maintain a moist wound bed, can provide an optimal environment for debridement, as they allow the phagocytic cells to liquefy necrotic tissue thereby promoting granulation.


Autolytic debridement is easy to perform and does not damage healthy tissue surrounding the wound. Furthermore, the pain experienced by the patient when using this method is minimal. As autolytic debridement occurs naturally, the process requires limited technical skill.



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