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RAPID RHINO Technology


CMC Technology – Available exclusively in RAPID RHINOENT Products.

Only Smith & Nephew offers the RAPID RHINO portfolio with an exclusive formulation of CarboxyMethyl Cellulose (CMC), a plant-derived material. When mixed with water, it forms a cushioning hydrocolloid gel that naturally drains from the body after several days.

Natural CMC technology offers multiple patient care advantages, giving healthcare professionals the utmost confidence.

  • Designed to support healing by maintaining a moist physical environment.1,2,3
  • Helps minimize bleeding and edema during surgery – designed to minimize intra- and post-op oozing
  • Fills space and acts as a moist physical barrier between mucosal surfaces to prevent painful adhesions after surgery or trauma
  • Is not associated with hypersensitivity in patients

All strong reasons to make RAPID RHINO products with CMC technology your first choice.

Product Flexibility

The RAPID RHINO product line features a wide range of dissolvable and removable postoperative nasal dressings, as well as a comprehensive portfolio of epistaxis solutions.

CMC Woven Fabric: Reinforcing CMC with nylon holds the fabric together and forms a main component of our epistaxis and removable nasal dressing products. Offered in a wide range of sizes, our epistaxis devices are single-piece self-lubricating inflatable tamponades designed for comfort and ease of insertion.

CMC Dissolvable Fibers: Starting as a dry CMC fiber within a syringe, the CMC forms gel foam when properly mixed with sterile water. This foam conforms to nasal and sinus cavities during placement and provides a moist, hydrocolloid physical barrier that will naturally dissolve over several days.

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