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Dissolvable Nasal Dressing


A resilient solution designed for ease of placement. NASASTENT nasal dressing conforms harmoniously to the patient’s anatomy while dissolving completely after device hydration, which can be achieved through direct hydration and/or contact with fluid in the nasal cavity.

Our non-fragmenting dressing is made from plant-based CarboxyMethyl Cellulose (CMC) and does not require special storage conditions. Capable of absorbing up to 16 times its weight1, NASASTENT nasal dressing absorbs fluids and converts into a hydrocolloidal gel that naturally drains from the nasal cavity.

The Resiliency of NASASTENT Nasal Dressing
The resiliency of NASASTENT nasal dressing allows for ease of placement into the patient’s anatomy, while quickly springing back to conform to the nasal cavity. NASASTENT nasal dressing possesses sufficient strength to minimize bleeding via the tamponade effect, and can exert sufficient tissue separation force on nasal structures (such as the middle turbinate) to keep them  in the desired location.

  • Ease of placement: compressible material
  • Nasal conformity: ‘bounce back’ after insertion
  • Mucosal tamponade: helps control bleeding
  • Tissue separation force: keeps intranasal soft tissue in the desired location

CMC Material – Over Two Decades of Clinical Use

Ideal for creating moisture-rich environments, CMC is commonly used in pharmaceutical and medical devices. Medical devices containing CMC, such as the RAPID RHINO epistaxis dressings, SINU-FOAM dressing, and Seprafilm® bioresorbable membrane have been in clinical use over the last two decades.

1 Helawe Betre, memorandum: NasaStent Fluid Uptake Ratio, 6 June 2014, ArthroCare.

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