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Global Wound Academy

The wounds we address at Smith & Nephew Advanced Wound Management are a serious medical problem.  These range from acute wounds such as burns and post operative wounds, to chronic wounds such as leg ulcers, pressure ulcers and diabetic foot ulcers.
Acute wounds can be life threatening with scarring and infection potential issues.  Chronic wounds are often difficult to heal, impacting on quality of life of patients and can be a cost burden to health care providers. 

Global Wound Academy Training

Our market is traditionally nurse orientated although technology is driving physician interest.  Our products represent a small proportion of the total cost of treatment.  We seek to reduce the cost of healing to the healthcare provider whilst increasing the share of that expenditure on medical devices.  Over the years the market has moved from traditional (gauze based) products to advanced (moist wound healing) products to actives (antimicrobials, mechanical devices).

We provide a full portfolio of products to our customers and support our range of products with comprehensive learning and education programmes for medical staff and patients.  Each year we train more than 150,000 healthcare professionals with a full range of education programmes.