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OPSITE◊ Post-Op Visible

OPSITE◊ Post-Op Visible

OPSITE Post-Op Visible

The future of post-operative care is clear to see

OPSITE Post-Op Visible's unique and innovative design allows constant monitoring of the wound without the need to disrupt the healing process through unnecessary dressing changes.

OPSITE Post-Op Visible

Vital protection against serious consequences

Provides an impermeable barrier against bacteria, including MRSA1


Patient Satisfaction

'Patients stated OPSITE Post-Op Visible was very comfortable and gave them confidence that they were protected from MRSA.'3


Effective incision site management

OPSITE Post-Op Visible helps provide an optimal balance between excess wound exudate and the amount of fluid required for moist wound healing.


Continual monitoring

Unique design allows continual monitoring of the incision site without the need to disrupt the healing process.

“The reduced number of dressing changes led to reduced overall costs and increased patient and clinician satisfaction”2


Help prevent blistering

In patients undergoing total hip and knee replacement surgery OPSITE Post-Op Visible has been shown to reduce the rate of skin blistering from 14% to 8%.4 

“its elasticity allowed for post-operative oedema and did not restrict limb movement” 4



1 Smith & Nephew data on file report 0505004

2 O'Brien G et. al (2009). A prospective evaluation to assess performance of a new post-operative dressing, Poster presentation Infection Prevention Society Conference, Harrogate, UK

3 O'Brien G (2009). OPSITE Post-Op Visible a clinical evaluation. Supplement to World of Irish Nursing and Midwifery; 17:4

4 Byrne-Murphy S. (2009). A prospective evaluation of a new dressing OPSITE Post-Op Visible on post op blistering following total hip and knee replacement, poster presented at Wounds UK, Harrogate, UK

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How to apply

How to apply and when to change


OPSITE Post-Op Visible is easy to apply and remove3. Once placed over the wound, the dressings' unobtrusive design and low-allergy adhesive ensure the comfort of your patient 5.

Step 1

OPSITE Post-Op Visible - Step 1

Remove dressing from outer packaging
Peel away the white/orange backing papers marked 1


Step 2

OPSITE Post-Op Visible - Step 2

Holding the non-adhesive tabs at the end of the dressing, carefully position the dressing over designated area


Step 3

OPSITE Post-Op Visible - Step 3

Smooth the dressing into place, applying light pressure around edges


Step 4

OPSITE Post-Op Visible - Step 4

Using the small tab, begin to gently peel off the top carrier marked 2. Smooth the dressing down.
Ensure your patient is comfortable with the dressing


OPSITE Post-Op Visible Removal

  1. Lift one corner
  2. Pull towards you - away from the pad
  3. Release
  4. Repeat along the edge of the dressing


When to Change

OPSITE Post-Op absorbancy

OPSITE Post-Op absorbancy

No change necessary Dressing ready for change

range of sizes

Available in a range of sizes


Dressings Size Code Carton
OPSITE Post-Op Visible size 10cm × 8cm 10cm × 8cm 66800136 20
OPSITE Post-Op Visible size 15cm × 10cm 15cm × 10cm 66800137 20
OPSITE Post-Op Visible size 20cm × 10cm 20cm × 10cm 66800138 20
OPSITE Post-Op Visible size 25cm × 10cm 25cm × 10cm 66800139 20
OPSITE Post-Op Visible size 30cm × 10cm 30cm × 10cm 66800140 20
OPSITE Post-Op Visible size 35cm × 10cm 35cm × 10cm 66800141 20