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OPSITE Film Dressings

Transparent Film Dressings

OPSITE Flexifix

About OPSITE Flims

OPSITE Film is a transparent, adhesive film. The film is moisture vapour permeable, conformable and extensible. It is widely used to provide a moist wound environment for superficial wounds; it is also ideal for use as a secondary dressing.


Product Range

OPSITE Flexifix Film Roll

OPSITE Flexifix
Transparent Film Roll



Incise Drapes

Incise Drapes


OPSITE Flexigrid


OPSITE Flexigrid
Transparent Film Dressing




OPSITE Spray Dressing


Protective Spray Dressing



  • Superior film with acrylic adhesive
  • Waterproof film
  • Simple, effective application technique
  • Adaptable to awkward areas



OPSITE has set the standard in moist wound care by retaining the natural wound exudate. OPSITE provides moisture vapor permeability allowing excess exudate to evaporate, helping prevent skin maceration.

Superior Film with Acrylic Adhesive 
The OPSITE film is highly extensible and conformable, which combined with its moisture vapor permeability, means the dressing can be left in place for up to 7 days. This minimizes interference at the wound site and reduces the amount of nursing time required.

OPSITE is resistant to water and body fluids, allowing the patient to bathe without changing dressings. It also aids in the prevention of bacterial contamination.

Adaptable to Awkward Areas 
OPSITE has been designed to be adaptable for use on all areas of the body. It can be easily cut into strips or shapes for application to awkward areas such as heels, elbows and knees. 



OPSITE is indicated for the management of:

  • Superficial wounds, such as shallow pressure sores, minor burns, cuts and abrasions.
  • Use as a secondary dressing, for example over INTRASITE Gel Amorphous Hydrogel Dressing or ALLEVYN Cavity Wound Dressing.
  • To provide catheter fixation. 



OPSITE may be used on clinically infected wounds if the following precautions are followed:

  • The patient should be under medical/clinical supervision
  • The dressing should be changed daily
  • The patient should be receiving suitable systemic treatment.

Immuno-compromised patients and diabetic patients may require extra supervision. Care should be taken to avoid skin damage by repeated applications on patients with thin or fragile skin.

In common with all adhesive products, some cases of irritation and/or maceration of the skin surrounding the wound have been reported. It should be noted that inappropriate use or too frequent dressing changes, particularly in patients with fragile skin, can result in skin stripping.

OPSITE Flexifix

OPSITE Flexifix


OPSITE FlexifixIndications 

To relieve pain in painful diabetic neuropathy, to retain primary dressings, Prophylaxis of pressure ulcers and to protect the skin around stoma and under leg bags.



Do not apply to open wounds.

OPSITE Flexigrid

OPSITE Flexigrid


OPSITE FlexigridIndications 

Superficial pressure ulcers and their prophylaxis 
• Abrasions and Lacerations 
• Skin grafts and donor sites 
• Post-operative wounds 
• Minor burns and scalds 
• Skin protection around stoma and leg bags 
• Relief of pain in diabetic neuropathy




OPSITE InciseIndications

For use as an incise drape in major and minor surgery including: 

  • Orthopaedic 
  • Neurosurgery 
  • Major abdominal 
  • Plastic surgery 
  • Open heart and thoracic 
  • Paediatric




OPSITE SprayIndications 

For use on a variety of minor dry wounds, in particular: 

  • Minor cuts, abrasions and burns 
  • Over dry sutured wounds 
  • Sealing of external orthopaedic fixation, such as Steinman pins 
  • After suture removal 
  • Over vaccination sites 
  • Over intact blisters 
  • Skin graft fixation



Do not use with plastic intravascular devices.

Do not apply on children under the age of 18 months.