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Smith & Nephew was founded in Hull in 1856

Smith & Nephew was founded in Hull in 1856. We are very proud of our heritage in Hull and the site remains a cornerstone of Smith & Nephew. We are delivering new programmes and actively working on bringing new processes to Hull in order to maximise the benefits from our highly skilled workforce and to continue to create a sustainable future for the site.

Since 2011, we have invested approximately £50 million in capital projects at our Hull site. This has included bringing the manufacturing of our complex silver coating technology for ACTICOAT to Hull and installing a Film Extrusion manufacturing line. The core technology for this manufacturing process has been developed in Hull and is a bespoke piece of equipment, specially made for the manufacture of our unique film for a range of wound dressings, including ALLEVYN and IV3000.

New flood defences

In 2013, our Hull facility was badly impacted by highly unusual levels of flooding, with the site incurring damage across its entire ground floor, including in the manufacturing facility and office areas. We worked to ensure manufacturing for customers was re-established as soon as possible, and it was through great teamwork that the facility was able to recover quickly. Since then, we have invested £3 million into new flood defences to help protect us against any repeat events.

Focus on development

In Hull, we manufacture some of the most high-technology wound care products on the market. Over the last few years we have introduced pioneering products such as PICO, DURAFIBER and ALLEVYN Life, all of which are manufactured in Hull. Our future plans for Hull include a focus on the development and launch of new products and the operation of complex manufacturing processes. Work is underway to bring more new product development work to Hull.