GENESIS◊ II Knee System


Proven performance meets continuous innovation

Product Information

Over the past 10 years the GENESIS II Knee System has grown to become one of the most trusted total knee systems on the market.
Cutting edge instrumentation, such as the user friendly MIS system and the ream-thru femoral trials, was designed to create the most comprehensive system available. GENESIS II is a member of the LEGION Family of products.

System Overview

Since the inception of GENESIS, we have continued to evolve.

  • A deeper, more lateralized trochlear groove improves patellar contact and tracking 
  • An externally rotated femoral implant design optimizes femorotibial rotational alignment and reduces the likelihood of notching the lateral anterior cortex. 
  • Anatomically-shaped tibial baseplates have an improved fin design and significantly improve coverage of the tibia as compared to symmetrical designs. Versatile, simple instrumentation, comprehensive in function and fewer in number, reduces surgical time, makes intraoperative management easier, and provides a more precise fit. 
  • Thoughtful versatility reduces the number of implant components yet significantly expands your clinical options. 
  • Wear is reduced by improving contact area and reducing contact stress in all articular surfaces. 
  • All articular surfaces are polished, including the proximal tibia. A nondegrading form of sterilization is used on all polyethylene. 
  • Dedicated cruciate retaining, posterior stabilized, low demand, and revision systems have been designed to meet the individual needs of each clinical and economic situation.


VERILAST Technolgy is combination of our proprietary OXINIUM alloy and a highly cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE)

VISIONAIRE Patient Matched Instrumentation uses the patient's own MRI and full leg X-Ray to design cutting blocks specific to that patient. (if you are a Healthcare Professional based in the US, click here to leave the Smith & Nephew corporate website and find out more)

Design and Materials

Design Features and Materials


The primary materials used in the GENESIS II Total Knee System implant components include cobalt chromium molybdenum alloy (Co-Cr-Mo), titanium alloy (Ti-6Al-4V), and ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE). These materials were chosen for their clinically proven biocompatibility and mechanical properties. The primary materials used for the GENESIS II instrumentation include 17-4 PH stainless steel and acetal copolymer. The femoral and tibial implants are offered with two different surface characteristics at the bone/cement/implant interface:

  • a specially roughened surface
  • a porous-coated surface 

Design Features

Cobalt Chromium

  • Minimum bone resection leaves anterior bone
  • Same patellofemoral and tibiofemoral articular geometry as LDK and cruciate retaining femorals
  • Varying anterior chamfer allows for deepened patellar groove without secondary preparation
  • One up–one down interchangeability with posterior stabilized inserts
  • Highly polished intercondylar box for reduction of wear debris
  • Minimum bone resection leaves anterior bone
  • Same patellofemoral articular geometry as LDK, cruciate retaining, and posterior stabilized femorals
  • Allows for distal and posterior wedge augmentation
  • Built-in long stem taper
  • Built-up distal surface and anterior chamfer for revision cases
  • Stem angled at 6° 


  • Allows for distal and posterior wedge augmentation
  • Accepts conversion module for attachment of universal long stems 

Fixation Features


  • Box housing provides mediolateral stability
  • Finned lugs for added mediolateral stability
  • Grit-blasted surface
  • Cement pocket 


  • Flex-Lok pegs and finned lugs for added mediolateral stability and increased pullout strength
  • Sintered CoCr beads