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ALLEVYN Lite is being discontinued as part of the streamlining of the ALLEVYN range, making advanced wound care simpler and faster for clinicians and patients.


Building on the slim design and non-adherent benefits of ALLEVYN Lite, Smith & Nephew has two ideal products in the existing range to replace it:

  • ALLEVYN Gentle Border Lite: a slim, light dressing ideal for sensitive or fragile skin,1,2 that easily conforms to even difficult areas1
  • ALLEVYN Non-Adhesive: a conformable dressing combining an absorbent hydrocellular pad3 with a non-adherent wound contact layer4,5 and breathable top film4,6

To maximise patient confidence, both ALLEVYN Gentle Border Lite and ALLEVYN Non-Adhesive are also comfortable to wear,7,8 and minimise pain on removal.8-10

Read more about the benefits of ALLEVYN Gentle Border Lite here, and Non-Adhesive here

ALLEVYN Range Update


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