Gregory Schultz (US)

18 diciembre 2017

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In this video, Professor Gregory Schultz discusses how he has seen wound care change over the past ten years, what current wound care practice is today and what he sees as the future of wound care. On his summary slide, he says that understanding the molecular and cellular imbalances in chronic wounds has greatly increased in the last 30 years. Biofilms are now recognized to contribute to the chronic inflammation that leads to elevated levels of proteases and ROS that destroy proteins that are essential for healing. He believes that biofilm based wound care has expanded the original concepts of Wound Bed Preparation (TIME). Lastly, he states that advanced therapies and diagnostics currently available and under development will further improve healing outcomes.

Recorded at:
Advanced Wound Management
Expert Meetings 2017 - Challenging Wounds

28 – 29 September 2017
Berlin, Germany