Örjan Friberg (SE)

9 junio 2015

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Presentation recorded at the 6th International NPWT Expert Meeting, Berlin 20-21 March 2015.
Cardiothoracic workstream

To obtain a true picture of sternal wound infection rates, Örjan Friberg postulated that longer post-operative follow-up is required. Most organisations report a 1-2 % infection rate, whereas the real incidence is likely to be 5-8% at 30 days and 6-10% at 2-3 months. Prophylactic local placement on the incision of a collagen sponge with gentamycin can help reduce sternal infection1, as can meticulous surgical technique, minimising oedema and rigid fixation of the sternum.


1. Friberg and Bodin L.”Collagen gentamicin for prevention of sternal wound infection: effective or not?” Thorac Cardiovasc Surg. 2013 61; (3): 185-93.