Onnen Grauhan (DE)

9 junio 2015

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Video resumen

Presentation recorded at the 6th International NPWT Expert Meeting, Berlin 20-21 March 2015.
Cardiothoracic workstream

Onnen Grauhan presented his clinical experience of using NPWT prophylactically in high risk (obese) patients undergoing a sternotomy procedure; he concluded that NPWT over clean, closed incisions, for 6-7 postoperative days significantly reduces the wound infection incidence after median sternotomy1. His ‘all comers’ study observed 237 patients treated with prophylactic NPWT (192 ‘standard’; 45 ‘high risk’ – all treated with KCI Prevena™)2 with a total of 3 wound infections (one in the standard group, two in the high-risk one), which compared very favorably with their historical control group of 3508 patients, showing an incidence of 1.3% vs. an historical value of 3.4% (p<0.05). Professor Grauhan concluded that NPWT provides a “sterile” wound environment, supports improved wound healing through improved microcirculation, drainage, and stabilisation of the wound edges. 


1. Grauhan O, Navasardyan A, Hofmann M, Müller P, et al. Preventionof poststernotomy wound infections in obese patients by negativepressure wound therapy. J Thorac Cardiovasc Surg. 2013. 145;(5):1387-92.
2. Grauhan O, Navasardyan A, Tutkun B, Hennig F, et al. Effect of surgical incision management on wound infections in a poststernotomy patient population. International Wound Journal. 2014. 11: 6–9. doi: 10.1111/iwj.12294.