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The TRIGEN SURESHOT system is a safe, convenient, and cost effective technology for fracture repair in the OR. The system is intended to be an intraoperative image-guided localisation system. It is a computer-assisted orthopaedic surgery tool to aid the surgeon with drill positioning for screws during intramedullary nail implantation. It provides information to the surgeon that is used to place surgical instruments during surgery utilising intraoperatively obtained electromagnetic tracking data. 

Screw targeting during intramedullary nailing of long bone fractures can be a laborious process and is highly dependent upon fluoro technicians, often becoming the most frustrating and time-consuming step of the procedure. The vast majority of surgeons use a fluoroscopic method reliant upon obtaining “perfect circles”. This technique requires assistance to hold the extremity in a specific position and expertise from the radiology technician. 

The TRIGEN SURESHOT Distal Targeting System utilises an electromagnetic field generator, a probe inserted into the nail, and virtual imaging to facilitate distal locking without fluoroscopy. This system is radiation free, position independent, and provides 3D real time feedback of location and orientation of the drill relative to the nail interlocking hole to provide accuracy.

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