VLP Foot

VLP Foot

A low-profile, variable-angle locked plating system, the VLP◊ Foot Plating System is the only plate and screw system designed to treat varying indications according to specific patient anatomy as well as the surgeon's specific technique.

With screws for every bone, plates for every indication and our variable-angle locking technology, you now have more choice in plate placement - and patient solutions.

Screws for Every Bone

Normal • Osteopenic • Neuropathic

Tailor the fixation to the patient

Osteopenia Screws

Whether used primarily or as a bailout screw, fixation is improved over that of a standard screw.

In extreme cases, like neuropathic diseased bone, gain confidence and peace of mind by providing locking osteopenia screws.

Plates for Every Indication

  • Anatomic designs are contoured to match specific anatomy and indications.
  • Versatile designs were created to be used for multiple indications.

Variable Angle Locking Technology

The variable-angle locking mechanism gives the surgeon more choice in plate placement and screw fixation, by allowing the surgeon to lock screws up to 15% off center axis in any direction.