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Evidence in Focus

NAVIO◊ Handheld Robotics

Backed by clinical evidence

The body of evidence for the NAVIO Surgical System is updated regularly. Select one of the studies below for full details, or visit here for additional resources. 

Latest clinical evidence

Read: Improved implant position and lower revision rate with NAVIO-assisted UKA*1


  Read: High implant survivorship of NAVIO-assisted UKA at 2-year follow-up*2


 Read: Faster return to sport following lateral UKA by limiting soft tissue damage and better implant positioning*3

Key evidence highlights

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 Read: Improved joint-line restitution in, facilitated by intraoperative planning and accurate bone resection in unicompartmental knee surgery*4

Related evidence collections

JOURNEY II Total Knee Systems 

*compared to conventional surgery


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