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Proficiency through data and surgical insights

RI.INSIGHTS and the CORI Surgical System are part of Real Intelligence - a connected digital solution and health innovations portfolio that aims to transform the standard of care by augmenting surgeon insight and experience with robotics, software and data to drive better patient outcomes.

Data-driven decisions

RI.INSIGHTS is a cloud-based data portal that provides surgeons secure access to case dashboards to further optimize surgical planning, ensure accurate execution of the plan, and extend overall proficiency with robotics and navigation solutions.


A convenient, user-friendly data management portal that:

  • Permits access to user-specific dashboards with HIPPA-compliant case data
  • Allows surgeons an opportunity to benchmark case data against an aggregate global baseline and readily apply insights to subsequent cases
  • Enables informed planning that can lead to efficiencies in the OR
  • Delivers post-op alignment and outcomes data for a more informed surgical plan
  • Provides data-driven insights designed to deliver better patient outcomes