Dr Elizabeth Huddleston

16 March 2020

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Dr Elizabeth Huddleston presents the results of new investigational studies into the mechanism of action (MoA) of PICO™ Single Use Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (sNPWT) vs Traditional Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (tNPWT). These studies were commissioned to further investigate the superior clinical results from an RCT (Kirsner et al 2019), conducted on venous leg ulcers and diabetic foot ulcers comparing PICO sNPWT vs tNPWT. Outlining how PICO sNPWT system achieves increased re-epithelialisation, more mature collagen and fewer proliferating cells she discusses how these wound healing outcome measures compare with tNPWT. After an overview of how the non-use of wounds fillers with PICO sNPWT may support undisturbed healing, Dr Huddleston discusses how simplicity and portability of the device can also contribute to quality of life and clinical outcomes.

Filmed at the 2019 European Wound Management Association (EWMA), Gothenburg, Sweden