Prof Christian Götze (DE)

14 September 2017

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In this video, Dr Götze discusses the best practices with cement spacers in hip revision arthroplasty. He shares outcome data on the best way to treat infected hip replacements and if a one stage or two stage revision is the best practice. He concludes his presentation with a list of the best practices that he has found, including; two-stage revision arthroplasty spacers have the potential for local infection treatment with antibiotic-impregnated cement, and to avoid spacers by intraoperative dislocation because of bony and soft-tissue circumstances. He stresses that the cement spacer should restore function and avoid soft-tissue contraction and that a second-stage cementless reimplantation needs a more accurate plan.

Presented during:
The Hip Revision Masterclass
Berlin, Germany
11-12 May, 2017

This masterclass is a highly focused covering all aspects of revision hip surgery. The masterclass will present the medical and surgical management of revision hip surgery and is designed to demonstrate techniques for both acetabular and femoral revision arthroplasty.