Prof Carsten Perka (DE)

14 September 2017

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In this video, Professor Carsten Perka discusses where he sees "problem zones" in acetabular revision hip arthroplasty and his opinion on using a reinforcement ring in the procedure. He concludes by saying that cages have been proven to be successful in revision hip arthroplasty and that he prefers cages with an anatomical design. He also says that reconstruction of the bone stock with allografts is necessary and that posterior wall defects have a higher failure rate.

Presented during:
The Hip Revision Masterclass
Berlin, Germany
11-12 May, 2017

This masterclass is a highly focused covering all aspects of revision hip surgery. The masterclass will present the medical and surgical management of revision hip surgery and is designed to demonstrate techniques for both acetabular and femoral revision arthroplasty.