Dr Caroline Dowsett (UK)

10 October 2017

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In this video, Dr Caroline Dowsett discusses the econimic burden of challenging, chronic wounds and presents some ways to reduce the costs while maintaining or improving patient care.

Recorded at the Smith & Nephew Satalite Symposium at the EWMA meeting, May 2017.

In this symposium the speakers will be exploring why some wounds don’t go on to heal as expected and the burden these place on healthcare systems. During the symposium the latest evidence will be presented by the speakers, which demonstrates how by removing barriers to healing, improving healing rates and reducing the frequency of dressing changes, patients, practitioners and providers can cope better with the current and future burden of wound care.

Caroline is a Nurse Consultant in Tissue Viability for East London Foundation Trust and has worked in the field of wound care for over 25 years. Her main interests are in leg ulcer management, wound bed preparation, quality improvement and service developments in wound care provision. Caroline was wound care nurse of the year in the UK in 1997 and 1999, winner of Wound UK award in 2007, and won a Queens Nursing Institute award for outstanding service to primary care in 2008. Her work on pressure ulcer prevention and management was the frontline submission for the ‘High Impact Actions; Your skin matters’ in 2010.