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  • The PICO™ Meta-analysis clinical impact on surgical site complications

    Dr Vicki Strugala.

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    A 2017 meta-analysis*, carried out by Dr Strugala, has demonstrated the efficacy of PICO Single Use Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (sNPWT) used prophylactically for SSI prevention in closed surgical incisions.

    This compelling clinical evidence demostrates how PICO sNPWT may provide cost and time efficiencies and improve outcomes for patients.

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    *of 16 published studies.
    1. P=0.03; 5 studies, 549 patients.
    2. P<0.0001; 7 studies, 950 patients.
    3. P=0.007; 3 studies, 742 patients.
    4. P=0.0004; 4 studies, 208 patients.
    5. Meta-analysis included 10 RCT & 6 observational studies, Reduction in SSI (16 articles included): 1839 patients (2154 incisions); PICO 5.2%; control group 12.5%; p<0.0001.
    6. p=0.01; 6 studies, 1068 patients, 1291 incisions.
    7.  p<0.0001, 8 studies, 725 patients.
    8. p<0.0001.  3 studies, 149 patients.

  • Infection Prevention: PICO™ and ECAP

    Dr Ravi K Bashyal (US).

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    In this video for healthcare professionals only, Dr Ravi Bashyal discusses managing and preventing infection in total joint replacement surgeries. He shows the benefits of using the ACTICOAT silver dressing, to fight off infection and to prevent the spread of infection, in combination with the PICO negative pressure wound therapy system. He discusses how each product works and the data behind each one. He also introduces the Smith & Nephew eCAP program, a risk/cost sharing program on surgical site infection.

    Presented during:
    2017 North American Hip & Knee Symposium (NAHKS)
    Scottsdale, AZ, USA
    April 20-21, 2017

    Hip Chairman: Dr Edwin P Su (CA)
    Knee Chairman: Dr Michael D Ries (US)

  • NPWT: Achieving predictable outcomes following hip and knee...

    Mr Sudheer Karlakki (UK).

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    An interview with Mr Sudheer Karlakki lead author of the Randomised Control Trial and Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon at Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt Hospital, UK.

    Titled `Incisional negative pressure wound therapy dressings (iNPWTd) in routine primary hip and knee arthroplasties`, the primary objective of the research was to explore the potential benefits of a portable, single use, incisional negative pressure wound therapy dressing (iNPWTd) on length of stay following hip and knee replacement surgery. 

    You can access the full article via Bone & Joint Research.

  • PICO™ Negative pressure, positive outcomes

    Dr Robin Martin (Smith & Nephew).

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    Recorded at the Smith & Nephew Satalite Symposium at the EWMA meeting, May 2017.