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Easy steps to manage compliance: a guide for distributors and agents

At Smith+Nephew, we are committed to working to high standards of ethical and compliant behaviour. We have chosen to do business with you because we know that you share our commitment to ethical business conduct. We have created these resources for you. We hope these tools will help you formalise and strengthen your compliance programme.

A good compliance programme will prevent compliance issues from occurring or detect issues before they become significant. These programs are found in all multi-national health care companies (MNHCs). You may be able to gain business from MNHCs if you can show that you have a strong compliance programme. In other words, your programme may become a competitive advantage. In addition, a good compliance programme can help you recruit and retain high-performing and honest employees, can provide cost savings by preventing or detecting issues early, and can provide the basis for a long term business relationships based on trust with MNHCs, customers and sub-distributors. 

Each Third Party Seller (TPS) should undertake reasonable steps to implement an appropriate compliance programme, based on the size and resource and activities of the business. If you have any questions about these tools, contact your Smith+Nephew relationship manager.

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Important note: All the resources contained here may not be applicable or permissible in a particular market. You must follow local laws and market requirements, including any restrictions imposed by Smith+Nephew.