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Benefits of UDI

While often thought of as another mandatory regulatory requirement, the full implementation of UDI will provide considerable benefits, not only to hospitals and patients, but also to the industry and Smith & Nephew.

The use of a standardised data model provides a common language to identify, capture and store information about products across the industry

Read more about the benefits of UDI on the FDA website


Benefits for hospitals

For example, the ability to electronically scan labels and devices provides a powerful tool for hospitals to efficiently manage their inventory, link devices to patient records, reduce manual errors and improve patient safety. 

Standardising product expiration dates to the YYYY-MM-DD format will also reduce errors and confusion.


Benefits for patients

GUIDD database, FDAPatients in the US will have access to more information about the devices used in their procedures through the Global Unique Device Identification Database (GUDID), administered by the FDA which includes certain product attributes required by the FDA from medical device companies.


Benefits for the industry

Benefits to the industry include better traceability and efficiency in recalls and improved quality of information through the use of a standardised data model across the industry.

Smith & Nephew has achieved benefit through the global adoption of this data model, which prompted a detailed review and standardisation of product master data. 

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If you have any questions regarding our implementation of the Unique Device Identifier, please contact the Smith & Nephew UDI program director