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OPSITE Post-Op Visible

Waterproof, Bacteria-proof Dressing with See-through Absorbent Pad



OPSITE Post-Op Visible is a waterproof, bacteria proof dressing with a see-through absorbent pad.


To dress acute wounds such as:

  • Post-operative wounds
  • Lacerations
  • Cuts
  • Abrasions
  • Minor burns where levels of exudate are low / moderate


  • Use only on dry skin prepared in accordance with normal procedures.
  • Do not stack dressings, or allow the dressings to overlap.
  • Periodically monitor the dressing and wound site to confirm that the dressing is securely attached, especially after showering, or if the dressing becomes wet. If the dressing comes off, apply a new dressing.
  • As with all adhesive products, apply and remove carefully from sensitive or fragile skin.
  • The dressing should not be used under compressive dressings or garments as blistering or transient bruising may appear on the skin under the foam lattice pad.
  • Pressure applied to the dressing as a result of direct body weight may result in transient bruising or indentation markings on the skin in the pattern of the lattice foam pad.
  • On removing the dressing slight patterning from the lattice foam pad may be visible on the skin. This is normal and should fade within a few hours.

Ordering information

Product# Size Unit
66800136 10cm x 8cm 1 bx/20 dressings
66800137 15cm x 10cm 1 bx/20 dressings
66800138 20cm x 10cm 1 bx/20 dressings
66800139 25cm x 10cm 1 bx/20 dressings
66800140 30cm x 10cm 1 bx/20 dressings
66800141 35cm x 10cm 1 bx/20 dressings

Instructions for use


Clean and thoroughly dry application area in accordance with normal procedures.

OPSITE application

Remove the dressing from the outer packaging. Peel away the white/orange backing papers marked 1.

OPSITE application

Holding the non-adhesive tabs at the end of the dressing, carefully position the dressing over the designated area. Remove the backing paper completely.

OPSITE application

Smooth the dressing into place, applying light pressure, especially around the edges and ensuring that the foam pad is not compressed. Using the small tab, begin to gently peel off the top carrier marked 2. Smooth the dressing down.


To remove the dressing, lightly hold the dressing in place while taking one corner of the dressing and lifting it and gently pulling the film parallel to the skin. Release and repeat the process.