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INTRASITE Conformable

Hydrogel Wound Dressing



INTRASITE Conformable is a conformable hydrogel dressing which combines the advantages of INTRASITE Gel with a non-woven dressing to aid in the gentle packing of deep, open or undermined wounds. The non-woven substrate ensures the gel remains in close contact with the entire wound surface. It is suitable for use in necrotic, sloughy and granulating wounds, and helps create a moist wound environment to facilitate healing.


  • Contains INTRASITE Gel
  • Non-woven dressing
  • Easy-peel pack


Debriding and Desloughing Action

  • INTRASITE Conformable contains INTRASITE Gel which has a gentle yet effective debriding and desloughing action. The gel rehydrates necrotic tissue and absorbs slough and wound exudate.
  • Fluid handling properties reduce the frequency of dressing changes and increase cost effectiveness.

Moist-wound Healing

  • INTRASITE Conformable helps to create and maintain a moist wound environment. The presence of INTRASITE Gel helps to prevents adherence to the wound surface, allowing easy dressing changes without damaging fragile new granulation tissue.
  • INTRASITE Conformable is safe for use throughout the wound healing process.


  • The non-woven dressing is both soft and conformable - conforming easily to awkward wound shapes and keeping the gel where it is needed (in contact with the wound surface).

Convenient and ready to use

  • INTRASITE Conformable is convenient and ready to use, offering an alternative delivery system for INTRASITE Gel. The easy-peel pack is customer friendly and allows aseptic application.


INTRASITE Conformable is indicated for use in open wounds e.g. pressure sores, surgical wounds healing by secondary intention and malignant wounds. It is especially useful for the packing of deep cavity wounds to prevent premature closure. It can be used on infected wounds under medical supervision.

Contraindications / Precautions

  • Known sensitivity to INTRASITE Conformable or any of its ingredients.
  • INTRASITE Conformable should be used with care in the vicinity of the eye.
  • Avoid ingestion.
  • Avoid use on cracked nipples.

Ordering information

Catalogue  Size Dressings / Carton
66000324 10cm x 10cm 10
66000325 10cm x 20cm 10
66000326 10cm x 40cm 10

Instructions for Use

Step 1

Clean the wound with sterile saline solution.

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Step 2

Peel open the pack. Remove the dressing completely and unfold if required.

Step 2

Step 3

Apply the dressing as required to loosely fill or cover the wound.

Step 3

Step 4

Cover with a secondary dressing eg, film dressing (OPSITE FLEXIGRID) or absorbent dressing (ALLEVYN).

Step 4

Step 5

To change the dressing, simply remove gently with forceps and irrigate the wound with sterile saline. Ensure that all dressings are removed. It is recommended that the dressing is changed at least every three days.

Please see Overview page for ContraIndications/Precautions

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Clinical Support

Paper Title: A Conformable Hydrogel in the Debridement of Complex Necrotic Wounds

Author: Cassino R, Ricci E, et al, Italy

Reference: Presented at European Wound Management Association (EWMA) conference Milan, 1997

Study Abstract:

  • Details the management of heavily exuding necrotic wounds in 50 patients (stage III - IV pressure sores, leg ulcers and post traumatic wounds).
  • Wounds were cleansed with saline and INTRASITE Conformable dressing applied to the wound bed. Secondary dressings were chosen dependent upon the level of exudate. The frequency of dressing changes was dependent upon the wound condition.
  • The study evaluated the following parameters - efficacy of autolytic debridement, conformance to the wound, ease of use and reduction in leakage.

INTRASITE Conformable was found to be easy to mould to the wound and both easy to apply and remove. The dressing was particularly useful in areas subject to pressure/friction and areas where it is usually difficult to keep an amorphous gel in place e.g. heels.

Paper Title: INTRASITE Gel Conformable as a Debrider in Pressure Sores, Stage IV

Author: Cassino R, Ricci E, et al Italy

Reference: Presented at European Wound Management Association (EWMA) conference Milan 1997

Study Abstract:

  • Details the debridement of mixed aetiology wounds in a nursing home environment for 16 patients, covering pressure sores, trauma and vascular deficiency.
  • Secondary dressings included semi-permeable films, hydrocolloids and polyurethane hydrocellular cavity dressings.
  • Study objectives included an evaluation of time required for debridement, the number of dressing changes to complete debridement, dressing durability and handling properties.

Results show:

  • Easy application of INTRASITE Conformable to both shallow and cavity wounds.
  • Ability to shape and position the dressing directly in areas requiring debridement.
  • A high degree of patient comfort.
  • Reduced incidence of leakage compared to standard amorphous hydrogel dressings.
  • Reduced numbers of dressing changes.

In conclusion, the conformable dressing showed improved handling properties, wound contact and increased durability.