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ALLEVYN Gentle Border

Gel Adhesive Hydrocellular Foam Dressing with Border



ALLEVYN Gentle Border Gel Adhesive Hydrocellular Foam Dressing with Border


  • Chronic and acute exudative wounds
  • Full and partial thickness wounds such as pressure ulcers
  • Leg ulcers
  • Diabetic foot ulcers
  • Infected wounds
  • Malignant wounds
  • Surgical wounds
  • First and second degree burns
  • Donor sites
  • Skin tears
  • Fungating ulcers

ALLEVYN Gentle Border is suitable for use on fragile skin.


  • Do not use ALLEVYN Gentle Border dressing with oxidizing agents such as hypochlorite solutions (e.g. EUSOL) or hydrogen peroxide, as these can break down the absorbent polyurethane component of the dressing.
  • If reddening or sensitization occur discontinue use.


  • Advanced triple-layered construction
  • Absorbent hydrocellular pad
  • Perforated silicone gel adhesive wound contact layer
  • Adhesive border for gentle but effective fixation
  • Highly permeable waterproof outer film


  • Enhanced performance ALLEVYN
    Triple-action technology absorbs, retains, and transpires exudate to provide optimal fluid management.
  • Maintains optimal moisture balance
    Provides an optimal moist wound environment for the promotion of faster healing
  • Comes off lightly
    Gentle adhesive allows for less painful dressing changes
  • Goes on tightly
    Stays in place for up to 7 days
  • Cost-effective
    Long wear time = fewer dressing changes

Ordering codes

Product # Size Pcs/Pkg
66800269 7.5cm x 7.5cm 1 bx/10 dressings
66800270 10cm x 10cm 1 bx/10 dressings
66800272 12.5cm x 12.5cm 1 bx/10 dressings
66800273 17.5cm x 17.5cm 1 bx/10 dressings

Instructions for use

Step 1

Select appropriate dressing size.

Step 2

Prepare and clean the skin surrounding the wound area by removing excess moisture. Any excess hair should be clipped to ensure close approximation to the wound.

Step 3

Start to remove the protector material from ALLEVYN Gentle Border and anchor the adhesive side of the dressing to the skin.

Step 4

Smooth the dressing over the wound removing the remaining protector material and ensure that the dressing is adhered all around the wound.

Dressing changes

During the early stages of wound management ALLEVYN Gentle Border dressings should be inspected frequently. Where the product is used on infected wounds the infection should be inspected and treated as per local clinical protocol. Dressings can be left in place for up to 7 days depending on the condition of the wound and the surrounding skin or until exudate is visible and approaches to within 5/8" of the edge of the dressing, whichever is sooner.