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TIME Table

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EWMA Positioning Paper

EWMA Wound bed preparation in practice thumbnail"Wound bed preparation in practice"

The positioning paper is an independently authored paper by Vincent Falanga, Peter Vowden and Christine Moffat on wound bed preparation, written for the European Wound Management Association (EWMA) in Spring 2004 and is available in five languages.

The paper starts by taking the work of the international advisory board on wound bed preparation as a starting point and examines how the TIME^ components that underpin wound bed preparation can offer clinicians a comprehensive approach,where basic science can be applied to develop strategies that maximise the potential for wound healing.

It's an important attempt to explain how TIME can be formed into an overall treatment strategy for all wounds, and presents a significant stage in the advancement of wound bed preparation.

For us at Smith & Nephew this begins a new phase in setting out the practical uses of wound bed preparation at the bedside. As the authors wrote in their introduction, "Wound bed preparation demonstrates the potential opportunity to improve the lives of patients with intractable wounds and to empower health professionals at all levels to effectively manage complex non-healing."

This paper brings wound bed preparation and all that it has to offer deeper into the wound care community. PDF's of this paper will be placed on the Global Wound Academy in the near future.

A PDF version of the paper is available below to download in English, French, German, Spanish and Italian. If you require a hard copy of the paper please contact your local Smith & Nephew office.

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