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Leukoclip* SD

Skin Stapling System


Skin Stapling System

This information is intended for Healthcare Professionals only.

Leukoclip* SD



Leukoclip* SD is a semi-disposable skin stapler for wound closure with a patented 'B' shaped staple that reduces tissue damage and scarring. Leukoclip SD consists of two components: a reusable handle that is autoclavable and a disposable magazine/cartridge containing 10 or 35 staples. The staples are flexible, adapt to wound swelling and do not disturb normal blood flow.




Easy to use

- The set up angle and the shape of the device enables a clear view of the wound edges. The precise grinding of the tips and the rounded sidepieces of the clips result in a very fine puncture.


Automatic clip ejection

- Leukoclip SD quickly and precisely ejects staples enabling rapid wound closure, resulting in shortened operating time and reducing the risk to patients.


B-shaped staple for better wound healing

- In the case of wound edge oedema, the special B-shaped staple partially adapts to the swelling and causes minimum trauma leading to better wound healing results.


Minimises scarring

- Scarring is minimised due to the precise grinding of the tips and rounded staple sidepieces.


Special clip design

- In wound edge oedema, Leukoclip SD adjusts to the swelling and causes minimum trauma.


Reusable handle

- After steam sterilisation, the handle can be reused up to 100 times.
Sterile while packaged and undamaged




- Rapid wound closure

- Reduced operation time

- Very good wound healing results

- Minimises scarring

- Cost effective


Contraindications / Precautions


The use of the skin-clip unit is inadvisable when a minimum distance of 5mm between the skin clips and the vessels, internal organs, or bony prominences (eg. the skull) below them cannot be maintained. In the case of wounds with extreme subcutaneous fatty tissue, additional measures may be necessary to close the skin.
Do not use on patients with a known sensitivity to nickel.

Code Description Items per unit
66047111 Re-usable Stapler Clip Handle pk/5
66047114 Cartridge (10) pk/10
66047113 Cartridge (35) pk/10
66001201 Reusable Staple Remover pk/15

Instructions for Use

Skin Stapling System

This information is intended for Healthcare Professionals only.

Step 1:
Select the correct size of staple cartridge (10 or 35 staples).

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Step 2:
Peel open the cartridge pouch under aseptic conditions.

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Step 3:
The handle is part of the surgical instrument. When using a handle for the first time, take out of the peel pouch under aseptic conditions.

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Step 4:
IMPORTANT: Before connecting the cartridge to the handle make sure that the handle is relaxed. It must be pressed together completely and relaxed before the cartridge is inserted. The heads of the arrows on the handle will point at each other.

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Step 5:
Push the cartridge and handle together. The Leukoclip SD Skin Stapler is now ready for use.

Alt Text
Step 6: Hold the Leukoclip SD Skin Stapler so that it forms an angle of 35 degrees to the skin. This is achieved by positioning the flat surface at the tip of the cartridge flush against the skin.

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Step 7:
Before stapling ensure the wound margins are adapted and raised slightly using forceps or similar.

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Step 8:
The Leukoclip SD Skin Stapler is placed close to the prongs of the forceps. For exact positioning, the arrow on the front of the cartridge is aligned in the direction of the incision and the adapted wound margins are introduced exactly into the channel of the cartridge.

Alt Text
Step 9:
Only a small space should remain between the staple and the everted skin. Staples should be placed about 1cm apart.

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Step 10:
After using, the cartridge is removed by simply pulling it away from the fully relaxed handle. The cartridge should then be disposed of according to your standard procedure.

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Step 11:
IMPORTANT: The handle should not be thrown away.

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Step 12:
The handle is then disinfected, cleaned, steam sterilised (autoclaved), and stored in preparation for the next procedure. The handle can be recycled as such up to 100 times.

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Step 13:
The staples can be removed with a staple remover as required (usually around day 5). The wound closure can be assisted at this stage with Leukostrip* non-invasive wound closure strips. Early removal of the staples followed by Leukostrip in this fashion will further reduce the level of scarring of the wound.

Alt Text

Re-processing the Leukoclip SD Skin Stapler Handle

Alt Text
Ensure the handle spring mechanism is "relaxed" - by pressing the handle fully together and then releasing. The correct position is achieved when the arrow heads on the handle are aligned.

Alt Text
Cleaning and Disinfecting:
The handle may be cleaned by hand or instrument washing machine using standard instrument disinfecting detergents. Do not use solutions containing "HYPOCHLORITE".

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The handle can be sterilised by autoclaving with saturated steam (up to 134 degrees Celcius).

NOTE: Never attempt to re-sterilise the cartridge. The cartridge must be disposed of, even if it is not totally empty.
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