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IV3000* Paediatric dressing


The IV3000 paediatric dressing



Stays dry, stays put, stays healthy


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IV3000* with Securing Wings

IV3000* Orange Handle

IV3000* Hand



IV3000 is clinically proven

  • Offers 8 times higher breathability than other transparent dressings 11,19
  • Reduces the risk of catheter-related infections by 25% compared with other transparent dressings 10,18
  • Minimises catheter manipulation, movement and dislodgement, helping to reduce the risk of phlebitis and associated infection 9,16
    Provides a barrier to hospital-acquired infections such as MRSA 5

IV3000 increases comfort for children

  • Higher breathability reduces skin maceration 11,13
  • It may reduce pain on removal due to its unique adhesive grid system
  • Low-allergy adhesive to help reduce the risk of irritation 8
  • Reduces the number of unscheduled dressing changes
  • Transparency allows observation of the site without having to remove dressing


IV3000 Paediatric Dressing


IV3000 is easy to apply and remove

  • Designed to give quick and easy aseptic application
  • One hand delivery system allows the dressing to be applied with one hand leaving the other free to stabilise the catheter or patient











IV3000 is a dedicated IV dressing

  • IV3000 is specifically designed for use on IV sites
  • IV3000 fully complies with National and International IV Therapy Guidelines, including ‘Winning Ways' 20, ICNA 21, EPIC 2 and CDC 3




  IV3000 Paediatric S&N Code Dimension






IV3000 Paediatric Dressing

66004011 6cm x 5cm Paediatric / Peripheral 100