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OpSite* Incise Drapes

Theatre Incise Drapes


Theatre Incise Drapes

This information is intended for Healthcare Professionals only.

OpSite* Incise



OpSite* Incise Drapes are transparent, adhesive polyurethane films which allow the skin to breathe, so preventing moisture build-up under the drape. As a result OpSite adheres throughout long surgical operations to the surrounding skin and most importantly to the wound edge.




Adheres right up to wound edge

- The drape will provide protection from laterally migrating bacteria because it stays in place even throughout major operations involving prolonged retraction of wound edges.


Transparent non-glare surface

- The incision site is clearly visible without glare.


Thin yet extremely strong

- OpSite Incise Drape is tear resistant, yet can be cleanly cut with a scalpel.


Conformable and elastic

- OpSite Incise Drape is very conformable on awkward operation sites, yet its elastic qualities make it suitable for use where heavy manipulative surgery is involved, for example, in a total hip replacement.


Maintains a sterile operation site

- OpSite Incise Drape provides a sterile working field, on to which internal organs may be placed without fear of contamination.
Code Description Items per unit
4967 14cm x 25cm bx/20
4986 15cm x 28cm bx/10
4987 30cm x 28cm bx/10
4988 45cm x 28cm bx/10
4995 40cm x 42cm bx/10
4989 45cm x 55cm bx/10
4994 56cm x 84cm bx/10

Clinical Support

Theatre Incise Drapes

This information is intended for Healthcare Professionals only.

Clinical Support

Paper Title: Use of a semi-occlusive, transparent film dressing for surgical wound protection : experience in 3637 cases.
Author: Rubio P A
Reference: International Surgeon, 76 : 253 - 254, 1991