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Hydrogels are a group of interactive dressings which have a high water content (up to 80% for amorphous gels, 90% for sheet gels). These products have the unique ability to provide additional moisture to the wound which both rehydrates necrotic and sloughy tissue to effect debridement and to absorb certain amounts of wound fluid into themselves. Hydrogel sheets such as IntraSite* Conformable present as flexible dressings that do not change their shape upon absorbing wound fluid, as do amorphous gels ( SoloSite* Gel and IntraSite Gel) which progressively decrease in viscosity as they absorb wound fluid.



IntraSite* Product Range

Premium desloughing and debriding, single use hydrogel


SoloSite* Gel

Amorphous, preserved, multi-use hydrogel




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