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Film Dressings

Film dressings are composed of a thin polyurethane membrane coated with a layer of acrylic adhesive. Whilst being extremely flexible and allowing visualisation of the wound without disturbance, they hold no properties to absorb wound exudate.

These dressings are typically used to manage superficial, minimally exuding wounds and in the case of stage 1 pressure ulcers, offer some protection against friction and shearing forces. Film dressings are not suitable for full thickness, infected or moderate to highly exuding wounds.


OpSite* Flexigrid*

Transparent film dressings

  OpSite Flexigrid

OpSite* Flexifix*

Transparent, non-sterile, adhesive film roll

  OpSite Flexifix

OpSite* Flexifix* Gentle

Transparent, Silicone Adhesive Firm Roll

  ff gentle

OpSite* Spray

Non-CFC spray dressing

  OpSite Spray

Other products utilising transparent film technology include:



Moisture responsive cannula dressings




OpSite* Incise Drapes

Theatre incise drapes



  OpSite Incise Drapes

OpSite* Post-Op*

Waterproof and bacteria-proof island film dressing

  OpSite Post-Op

Cutifilm* Plus

Transparent island dressing

  Cutifilm Plus