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Wound Closure Strips



LEUKOSTRIP◊ are low-allergy wound closure strips, that offer secure adhesion and reduce the risk of scarring.


How LEUKOSTRIP◊  works

LEUKOSTRIP◊ holds the wound edges together and stretches with the wound to ensure minimal scarring.


What LEUKOSTRIP◊ is used for     

LEUKOSTRIP◊ is used for cuts and surgical wounds.


 Always read the label

Instructions for Use


  1.  Open pack by peeling apart side flaps.  Remove backing paper from either end and lift off one strip at a time.  Apply to intact skin on one side of wound, at right angles, using light pressure to ensure good adhesion. 

  2. Gently push wound edges together and adhere LEUKOSTRIP◊ wound closure strips to opposite side of cut, being careful not to overstretch strip.  

  3. The wound can then be covered with a wound pad such as MELOLIN◊, or an adhesive fabric dressing such as PRIMAPORE◊ or a waterproof dressing such as OPSITE◊ Post-Op. 

Dressing Removal

To remove LEUKOSTRIP◊, bathe the wound area with water and gently lift off from the middle, pulling away gently to the outside edges.

LEUKOSTRIP◊ wound closure strips can be removed after 3-5 days or once healing is advanced enough to ensure the wound is closed.

Always read the label