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Healing Patch



ALLEVYN◊ Thin is a self-adhesive, water resistant dressing that promotes a moist wound environment and can be left on a wound for up to 5 days.

How ALLEVYN◊ Thin works

ALLEVYN◊ Thin  provides a moist wound environment. ALLEVYN◊ Thin is easy to apply and remove. Its flexibility allows application to all parts of the body.  When using ALLEVYN◊ Thin, there might be a slight increase in the amount of fluid discharge from the wound, which should stabilise after 48 hours. The wound may also enlarge slightly. This is normal when using an ALLEVYN◊ Thin as it is helping to clean out the wound.


What ALLEVYN◊ Thin is used for

ALLEVYN◊ Thin may be used on wounds with moderate discharge such as blisters, grazes and minor burns.


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always read label

Instructions for Use


1. Wash hands before and after treating wound. Gently clean wound and surrounding skin.

2. Clean and dry the skin surrounding the wound and clip any excess hair close to the wound.

3. Open pack, remove patch and cut to size if required, allowing for a 2cm border around the edge of the wound.

4. Remove the backing sheet.

5. Apply the self-adhesive side of the patch to the wound ensuring good contact with the surrounding skin.

For larger wounds, several dressings can be joined together with a 1cm overlap.


When to Change

Inspect the dressing frequently and change ALLEVYN◊ Thin if the white blistery-looking bubble reaches the edge of the dressing. ALLEVYN◊ Thin should be changed at least every five (5) days.

Dressing Removal

To remove the ALLEVYN◊ Thin patch, lift one corner and pull the patch back on itself. 

ALLEVYN - people
Always read label