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Skin Tears

What is a skin tear?

A skin tear is a wound that can be caused by friction or trauma that is often slow to heal because of pre-existing conditions. Some skin tears are unavoidable but many are considered preventable.

Who is at risk?

  • Newborns and the elderly
  • Critically ill people
  • People with nerve damage
  • Those that require assistance with personal care
  • Those that take medications that make the skin thin - like steroids

What are the main of causes skin tears?

  • Assistive equipment like wheelchairs or bed rails
  • Bumping your skin or an object
  • Falls
  • Dressing/tape removal
  • Moving a person from one location to another

What can you do?

Skin should be monitored and cared for on a daily basis. Some things to consider:

  • Create a safe environment - consider lighting, sharp edges and unnecessary furniture.
  • Check your skin and be aware of any scratches or dry skin.
  • Keep your skin healthy by avoiding soap, use a pH balanced cleanser and moisturise twice a day.
  • Keep skin dry - control moisture from incontinence and other sources.
  • Make sure you are eating well and drinking enough fluids. If you are unsure ask your health care provider for advice.
  • If you are at risk protect your skin - wear long sleeves, long pants, high knee socks or bandages.
  • Use shin guards if you experience repeat skin tears to shins.

This information is not intended to be a substitute for the advice of a health care professional or a recommendation for any particular treatment plan. It is important that you contact your health care provider if you have any questions or concerns.


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