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CoolGRIP™ and CoolFAST™ Tubular Bandages

About CoolGRIP and CoolFAST

Tubular bandages for support and retention

CoolGRIP Tubular Elastic Support Bandage and CoolFAST Retention bandage are designed for mild or firm support, and to keep dressings in place, for various areas of the body.

  • Latex-free
  • Mesh structure is designed to help air circulation and comfort
  • Includes mild elastic threads to provide flexibility and support

CoolGRIP Tubular Elastic Support bandage is ideal for: providing even pressure and support for joint, muscle or tissue-related needs (see below).

CoolFAST Tubular Retention bandage is ideal for: keeping dressings in place over creams, ointments, and skin care products.

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Choosing the right product

Choose CoolGRIP:

  • For after a cast has been removed
  • For muscle sprains and strains
  • To help support weak joints

Choose CoolFAST:

  • To keep dressings in place over creams, ointments, and skin care products.

Choosing the right size and shape

For CoolGRIP:

Size Application
Size A 4.5cm x 10m  Infant feet and arms
Size B 6.25cm x 10m Small hands and arms
Size C 6.75cm x 10m Medium arms, small ankles 
Size D 7.75cm x 10m Large arms, medium ankles, small knees
Size E 8.75cm x 10m Large ankles, medium knees, small thighs
Size F 10cm x 10m Large knees and medium thighs
Size G 12.5cm x 10m   Large thighs 
Size H 14cm x 10m Extra-large thighs

For CoolFAST:

Size Application
Red 3.5cm x 10m 10-16cm child hands and arms
Green 5cm x 10m 14-24cm child legs and adult arms
Blue 7.5cm x 10m 21-36cm adult arms, lower legs, knees and small thighs
Yellow 11cm x 10m 30-50cm adult knees and thighs

If you are unsure, please ask your health care professional before purchase.

Instructions for Use

CoolGRIP indications

  • Management and treatment of lymphoedema and varicose vein conditions
  • Prevention and management of gravitational oedema following cast removal
  • Treatment of oedema associated with muscle sprains, strains and joint effusions
  • Support of weak joints and muscles
  • Retention of dressings



CoolFAST indications

  • Dressing retention
  • Protection over creams and ointments used for dermatological purposes, e.g. eczema wet wrapping



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Always read the label and follow the directions for use.