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OPSITE FLEXIGRID Waterproof Film Dressings



Waterproof film dressings

OPSITE FLEXIGRID is an easy-to-apply transparent film dressing designed to protect your wound and skin from friction, while allowing your skin to breathe. Helping minor wounds to heal, it can be used to keep catheters in place and protect skin around stoma or leg bags.

  • Sterile and waterproof
  • Wear for up to 7 days
  • Provides a barrier against contamination

OPSITE FLEXIGRID is ideal for: protecting and healing minor burns, cuts, blisters, and grazes with low levels of wound fluid.

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Choosing the right product

OPSITE FLEXIGRID comes in a range of sizes. For your covenience, the 6cm x 7cm size is available as a single dressing, or a 5 pack.

If you are unsure, please ask your pharmacist before purchase.

Instructions for Use


  1. Wash your hands before and after dealing with a wound. Gently clean the wound and surrounding skin, and dry thoroughly. 
  2. Peel away the protective backing and place the dressing on the wound. Gently press around the wound to seal.
  3. Remove the clear printed cover from the top of the dressing.


  1. To remove the dressing, lift one corner and pull it parallel (even with) your skin, whilst supporting the dressing with the other hand. As the dressing is stretched it will easily lift off as the adhesive is broken.
  2. Handle and dispose of the used dressing with care.


Other Suitable Products

To help treat your wound, OPSITE Post-Op dressings are suitable for use with the following products:

To protect your skin

ALLEVYN Non-Adhesive – absorbent foam dressing.

MELOLIN – absorbent dressings that provide cushioning.

SKIN PREP – barrier wipes leave a protective layer on your skin.

SOLOSITE – cooling, soothing, hydrating gel.

For wounds with higher fluid levels

OPSITE FLEXIGRID – can be used to keep other absorbent dressings in place.

To remove adhesive

REMOVE – adhesive removal wipes.

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Always read the label and follow the directions for use.