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Chief Executive Officer's Review

Dear Shareholder

In 2020 Smith+Nephew faced unprecedented challenges as COVID-19 disrupted our business in every market.

Trading across the year was impacted, with the second quarter being particularly badly affected as healthcare systems shut down elective procedures to focus on providing treatment to COVID-19 patients.

Throughout this period we prioritized the health and safety of employees, continued to support our customers and communities, and at the same time undertook important work to strengthen the Group. This included increasing investment in R&D, launching multiple new products, and making strategic acquisitions in higher growth segments.

I am proud of the approach we took and the progress we made.

Guided by our culture

Faced with a global pandemic we could easily have made excuses. We did not. Instead, our employees worked together to care for our customers, our communities and one another to further our purpose of Life Unlimited.

From our sales representatives who slept in their cars outside of hospitals to make sure they were there for the customers who needed them, to our team who mobilised quickly to develop a ventilator prototype, to our employees with health care training who returned to their communities to help treat those with COVID-19, to our essential workers who continued to come to our sites to manufacture and deliver product to our customers – across the business our teams demonstrated our culture pillars of Care, Collaboration and Courage.

We made significant improvement in our engagement as measured by our Global Employee Survey. We also reinforced our commitment to Inclusion and Diversity by beginning a Standing Together initiative, as well as launching several Employee Inclusion Groups, furthering our long-term strategic priority to strengthen our workforce.

We also made positive steps towards meeting the ambitious targets set out in our new sustainability strategy. These are focused on creating a lasting positive impact on our communities, minimizing our environmental impacts, innovating sustainably and creating products that enable people to live their life to the full.

You can read more about all of these initiatives in this report.

2020 performance

We entered 2020 full of optimism following record revenue in 2019 and a growth rate we had not delivered for many years. However, COVID-19 hit early in the year, first in China, an important market for us, and, soon after, all of our markets were affected. As a result, our 2020 revenue and profit were both down year-on-year.

The impact of COVID-19 was most pronounced on our Orthopaedic Reconstruction, Sports Medicine and ENT businesses, driven by lower levels of elective surgery.

Our Advanced Wound Management and Trauma businesses remained more resilient across the year.

The second quarter was particularly difficult, with revenue falling by nearly 30%. We saw some improvement in the summer and autumn, but rates of COVID-19 infection increased again from mid-October onwards.  Encouragingly the overall effect on the business was less severe than we saw earlier in the year, as some healthcare systems were able to maintain non-COVID care at a higher rate than before.

Even within this disappointing year there were milestones of note. We sold our millionth PICO◊ 7 Negative Pressure Wound Therapy system and two millionth OXINIUM◊ hip or knee implant. And the success of recently launched products, such as our OR3O◊ Dual Mobility Hip and EVOS◊ System in Trauma, demonstrated that true innovation will always drive demand.

We also adapted in how we served our customers. A highlight of this was our medical education team, which pivoted to online and delivered a record number of training courses across the year.

New innovation

Smith+Nephew is an innovation-led business. In 2020 we invested a record $307 million in R&D and delivered important launches. These included cutting-edge digital solutions, such as a new robotics system, a suite of connected sports medicine surgical tools for the operating room and a business and patient management platform to help customers expand outpatient care. Despite the challenges, we intentionally maintained our focus on developing and launching new products so that we could regain momentum as our markets recovered.

Investing in businesses and technologies in higher-growth segments is at the core of our acquisition strategy. The pandemic did not stop us from making important progress here too. In January 2020 we acquired the developer of TulaR, a new system for in-office delivery of ear tubes to treat recurrent or persistent ear infections.

And in September we announced the acquisition of an extremity orthopaedics business that will significantly strengthen our portfolio in this higher growth area.

You can read more about the work of our R&D team, our product launches and acquisitions later in this report.  

2021 priorities

Our three priorities for 2021 build on the work undertaken and investments made in 2020 and are underpinned by our strategic imperatives.

Return to top-line growth and recapture momentum

Our first priority for 2021 is to return to top-line growth and recapture the momentum we were building prior to COVID-19, with the ultimate aim of increasing earnings through operating leverage. This priority aligns with the first three of our Strategic Imperatives targeted at improving revenue growth.

Our focus here is to drive higher returns from our differentiated product portfolio. Our recent experience of launching innovative products demonstrates that our emphasis on commercial excellence can enhance growth.

Many of our recent new product launches are at early stages, and there is considerable scope to expand them both to new customers, and into new markets. As an example, later this year our new robotics platform CORI will launch in Europe and India, important markets for surgical robotics.

In 2021 we expect to again invest more in R&D as we continue to develop innovation that improves outcomes for patients and customers and meets unmet clinical needs. We have a strong pipeline across the franchises with many launches planned, including further digital technologies, subject to completion of necessary regulatory reviews, clearances and approvals. These include a cementless knee, a next-generation single-use negative pressure wound therapy system and upgrades to our robotics and connected tower platforms. We also have a significant programme of innovation planned for China, including new products made in China for China.

We also expect to make progress in delivering value from recently acquired assets. In particular there are opportunities to drive synergistic growth in Trauma & Extremities, Sports Medicine Joint Repair, ENT and Advanced Wound Bioactives. For instance, the acquired Sports Medicine products REGENETEN and NOVOSTITCH◊, which have been well received in the US, are only at the start of their launch in other markets.

The Extremity Orthopaedics business, acquired in January 2021, is expected to deliver strong growth, and the Tula System has the potential to transform tympanostomy tube treatment of children as ENT surgeries restart.

Drive further operational improvement across the Group

Our second priority for 2021 is to drive further operational improvement across Smith+Nephew in order to provide more resources for investment in the mid-term, including in R&D. This priority aligns to our strategic imperative to become the best owner.

We are undertaking a programme to transform our operations, which is expected to deliver around $200 million of annualised benefits by 2025 for a one-off cost of around $350 million.

One major component of the programme is to continue to optimise our manufacturing network, including introducing digital technologies and lean manufacturing. We are building a new facility in Malaysia, which will provide additional capacity in a low-cost location to support future growth and have expanded our site in Costa Rica. We are outsourcing our global warehousing and distribution functions in the US and Europe to a specialist third party partner and expect to benefit from the greater scale and expertise of our partner, including their advanced warehouse automation.

We will also focus on other process efficiencies. We have already made progress on commercial optimisation, having completed buy-outs of a number of third-party sellers in some markets. Doing this brings us closer to our

individual sales representatives and to our customers, as well as removing an additional layer of cost. In addition, we aim to simplify end-to-end processes in all parts of our business.

Continue to respond effectively to COVID-19

Protecting and supporting our employees remains our priority in our response to COVID-19. We are developing new ways to work, and have initiated a Workplace Unlimited programme to address employees’ needs for flexible working. We continue to invest in safety at our sites, such as wearable sensor technologies to encourage social distancing.

We are also focused on how we can best support our customers in person and virtually. This includes innovating in how we deliver medical education for customers to support the safe and effective use of our products. In 2021 we will launch Education Unlimited, a new global website platform with medical education resources spanning across our franchises.

We remain determined to balance discretionary costs while at the same time preparing for recovery. As examples, travel remains restricted and company meetings have been moved online.

Ready to deliver

I’m proud of the way Smith+Nephew has responded to the challenges of 2020. We’ve demonstrated our financial and cultural resilience, and stayed focused on supporting customers and advancing our strategy for growth.

We expect the impact of COVID-19 on our customers and markets to continue in the first half of 2021, with the timing and extent of the recovery still uncertain, and Anne-Francoise covers our outlook on page 23.

What I am certain of is that our recent investments into innovation and the portfolio are ready to translate into growth acceleration. I’m excited by the pipeline of new technology that’s approaching launch, and by the potential of our recent acquisitions as we integrate them into Smith+Nephew. We have a clear set of priorities, a strong team and renewed energy.


Yours sincerely,


Roland Diggelmann

Chief Executive Officer