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Independent Non-Executive Director - John Ma

Appointed on 17 February 2021.

Career and experience

John graduated from Wayne State University with an MSc and a Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering. In 1995, John became a Manager of International Operations at the Performed Line Products Company. After five years he joined GE Healthcare and became Vice President and General Manager of their Global Product Company in China. In 2002, John was promoted and became responsible for GE Healthcare’s commercial division across central China where he successfully led sales, marketing and customer service teams for their $200m diagnostics medical imaging business. John has also held a number of senior positions as President of Asia Pacific regions at Pentair Inc., Vice President of Express Scripts Inc., and Global Partner of Fosun Group. He initially joined Fosun Pharma to lead their medical device business and in 2014 became President of Fosun Healthcare Holdings. He served as a key member of their healthcare investment committee which went on to establish a global presence across the US, Europe, Israel and China. In 2017, John joined Intuitive Surgical as their Senior Vice President of Strategic Growth Initiatives. He has previously served as a NED for both Haier Electronics Group and Clinical Innovations LLC.

Other current appointments

  • Founder, Chair and Chief Executive Officer of Ronovo Surgical.

Skills and competencies

John has an impressive track record in medical device businesses and his contribution provides value as Smith+Nephew continues to develop innovative ways to grow and serve our markets with a focus towards Asia Pacific regions. He is an established healthcare leader and has strong experience of driving market entry and growth within emerging markets.