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Non-medicated tulle gras - sterile



Minor burns and scalds, donor and recipient graft sites, skin loss wounds, lacerations, abrasions, leg ulcers.

Contraindications / Precautions

Jelonet consumer packs should not be used in cavity wounds.

S&N Code Description Pack Content NHS Code PIP Code
7403 5cm x 5cm BP 50 EKA009 217-0439
7404 10cm x 10cm BP 10 EKA501 027-8952
7409 10cm x 10cm BP 100 EKA011 217-0447
7459 10cm x 40cm BP 10 EKA013 004-8595
66007477 10cm x 7m BP tin Single EKA500 004-8710
7415 15cm x 2m roll 12 EKA014 217-0454

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