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Temporary Biosynthetic Wound Dressing



Clean partial thickness burns (once debrided of nonviable tissue).

Excised burn wound with or without meshed autografts (need viable bed).



Ordering information

S&N Code Description Pack Content NHS Code PIP Code
66800174 13cm x 13cm 5 ELZ290 -
66800175 13cm x 38cm 5 ELZ291 -
66800176 25cm x 38cm 5 ELZ292 -
66800177 38cm x 38cm 1 ELZ293 -
66800181 Glove Paediatric 2 ELZ294 -
66800182 Glove Small 2 ELZ295 -
66800183 Glove Medium 2 ELZ296 -
66800184 Glove Large 2 ELZ297 -

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