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JET-X Mini Bar

Unilateral Fixator


The JET-X Mini Bar External Fixator is designed for ease of application. The JET-X Mini Double Pin Clamp facilitates fracture reduction while providing stability in a low-profile and lightweight design. The ball joint feature provides the ability to easily position the wrist in multiple planes to aid in fracture reduction.

Jet-X Mini Bar System Design Features

  • Lightweight, radiolucent carbon fiber bars.
  • Ball joint angulates 25° allowing an extra degree of freedom to reduce fractures in multiple planes.
  • Cartridge clamp design allows snap-fit assembly and prevents passive release of bar during reduction.
  • Clamps have independent locking mechanisms, allowing reduction after the frame is attached to the pins.

Jet-X Mini Double Pin Clamp Design Features

  • Bar side of the clamp connects to the 6mm composite straight bars.
  • Pin side of the clamp accepts pins with a 4mm shank. Multiple pin placement options are available to better fit patient anatomy and ensure frame stability.


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