Orthopaedic Reconstruction

Joint replacement systems for knees and hips



Read about the difference the Smith & Nephew Arthroplasty Academy is making  - changing the lives of state patients who have lived in pain for too long - and at the same time providing invaluable skills enrichment opportunities for newly qualified orthopaedic surgeons.


Smith and Nephew's VISIONAIRE Patient Matched technology is a remarkable new instrumentation system for use in total knee replacement surgery. While traditional instruments are one-size-fits-all, VISIONAIRE technology uses MRI and x-ray images to custom-fit surgical instruments to each patient's unique anatomy. And it is available exclusively with the Smith & Nephew portfolio of high performance knee implants.

Traditional Total Knee Replacement Visionaire Technology

Visionaire compared to TKA

Invasion of the IM canal with standard standard operation      With VISIONAIRE technology invasion of the IM canal is avoided during alignment

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