To be a normal boy again

Bonke Tobo TSF



Nine year old Onke Tobo was playing at school when a wall fell on him, injuring his leg. He was taken to a local hospital where they applied plaster of paris.


Unfortunately after he was discharged from hospital, his tibia had united but it was not in a straight position.This put severe strain on his knees, on his hips and his ankles meaning that as he grows up this would have likely caused him on-going trouble.



Onke’s plight was brought to the attention of Sbu Njapha, Business Development Manager, Orthopaedic Trauma at Smith & Nephew and the Trauma team took the decision to partner Maitland Cottage Home  hospital, Newlands, Cape Town in performing corrective surgery on the limb.


Maitland Cottage Home has become an important part of the training of orthopaedic specialists. There is on-going research being done on paediatric orthopaedic conditions and many papers written have been accepted for publication in overseas journals, giving the work done at Maitland Cottage Home international recognition.

Taylor Spatial Frame procedure 29 August 2013

Dr Stewart Dix-Peek and his surgical team applied a Taylor Spatial Frame to Onke’s leg at the end of August 2013. Over the next few months the Taylor Spatial Frame will gradually straighten the leg and restore the length and normal joint alignment.

Sbu Njapha chatted to Onke’s mom, Nomthandawo Tobo on the day of the surgery. Nomthandawo shared her relief that her son had a chance of being a normal boy. She had travelled all the way from the Eastern Cape so that her son could have the Taylor Spatial Frame fitted. 

Njapha said:

"We’re looking forward to seeing Onke go back to school and doing all the things a normal boy does. We chose to partner with Maitland Cottage Home because they do what we do – make a difference in children’s lives!" 




Onke follow up two months after TSF fitted

Orthopaedic Consultant, Dr Stewart Dix-Peek comments on the progress Onke Tobo has made two months after a Taylor Spatial Frame was used to correct his complex leg fracture. 

Watch the video

Visit Vimeo to see how Onke's fracture is healing


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