Exiniah Phiri

Exiniah, a patient at Tembisa State Hospital, was one of the recipients of knee replacement surgery in October 2012. When she returned for he follow up consultation, she handed over her crutches saying:" Take them - I don't need them anymore!"

No more crutches

Exiniah had been on the waiting list for years and the arthritis in her knee steadily worsened, causing her terrible pain. As a result of an Arthroplasty Academy outreach programme at Tembisa hospital in October 2012, she received a brand new Genesis II PS knee.

Six months later she beamed broadly: 

"I don't know how to say thank you. I really don't. I can do everything again. I can walk. When I sleep, I can turn of wherever I want to. I'm doing everything again. Everything is perfect. Just perfect. I want to say to Dr Malebo and everyone at Tembisa hospital who helped me. Thank you very much."


The Smith & Nephew Arthroplasty Academy (South Africa) exposes selected newly qualified surgeons from state hospitals to the latest technologies and world class mentoring in performing joint reconstruction surgery. The academy, now in it's second year, is presented in a formal, structured way and has fast become a sought after surgical skills development opportunity. Each year, the programme includes community outreach at a state hospital where the candidates operate alongside leading specialists and the hospital's orthopaedic team also participate, in this way improving their knowledge and skills. 

Yvonne Chepkonga, Exiniah Phiri and Dr Sam Malebo  

Dr Sam Malebo, Head of Orthopaedics at Tembisa Hospital (pictured here with Yvonne Chepkonga, Orthopaedic Reconstruction, Smith & Nephew and patient, Exiniah Phiri) wrote: 

"It is with a deep sense of gratitude and appreciation that I write on behalf of our patients, my department and all hospital staff, to thank you, your company and all surgical teams involved, in carrying out this highly successful outreach project at Tembisa."


GENESIS II Knee System  

Over the past 10 years the GENESIS II Total Knee System has grown to become one ofthe most trusted total knee systems on the market.

Cutting edge instrumentation, such as the user friendly MIS system and the ream-thru femoral trials, was designed to create the most comprehensive system available.
GENESIS II is a member of the LEGION ◊ Family of products.

For more information http://www.smith-nephew.com/key-products/orthopaedic-reconstruction/genesis-ii-knee-system/