Edward Manzini

Edward Manzini

Edward Manzini, 62, a patient at Tembisa Hospital, was one of the recipients of VISIONAIRE   knee replacement surgery during an Athroplasty Academy outreach programme in October 2012. On the day of his operation, he sat in quiet anticipation, holding his walking stick.


After living with debilitating pain for more years than he could remember, he was overjoyed afterwards:

“I can’t believe it because I was on the waiting list for so long. “The first thing I did after I got my new knee was to throw away this stick. It is wonderful to walk without pain!”


The Smith & Nephew Arthroplasty Academy (South Africa) exposes selected newly qualified surgeons from state hospitals to the latest technologies and world class mentoring in performing joint reconstruction surgery. The academy, now in it's second year, is presented in a formal, structured way and has fast become a sought after surgical skills development opportunity. Each year, the programme includes community outreach at a state hospital where the candidates operate alongside leading specialists and the hospital's orthopaedic team also participate, in this way improving their knowledge and skills. 

Dr Richard von Bormann who performed Mr Manzini's knee replacement surgery said:

"Visionaire is the future of knee replacement surgery. In a traditional operation you have to drive a rod up the long bone of the leg which bleeds profusely. We don't have to do that using Visionaire."


VISIONAIRE  Patient Matched Instrumentation brings you an innovative approach for custom-fit  JOURNEY  and LEGION  knee replacements. Your surgery will be unique to you, with surgical guides and instruments that are designed for the shapes and contours of your knee.

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